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-Extends life of shoes, drums and discs up to 7 times!IMG DESGASTE ZAPATAS 300.000 KMS 2
-20% en llantas!
-2% en combustible! 


- 85% of braking is handled by ElectroMagnetic Brake Retarder. Brake shoes stay cool.
- Stopping distance is reduced by half the distance.
- Stopping distance is considerably reduced. 

Enviromentally safe:

-No friction! No maintenance!


                                        This study by the University of Utah (USA)shows the brake applications versus the retardation value and brake wear.
It confirms that electro magnetic retarders are best suiteble to prevent brake wear and most effective compared to hydraulic - or engine brake concepts.

Brake life (Miles):



            Brakeing Distance (feet) from 65 mph to 0 mph: