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Features, Advantages and Benefits

 - Heat / temperature protection  

The ECS has an internal temperature monitoring feature to reduce brake torque if limits are reached.

- ABS integrated 

The integrated ABS will judge the ABS event as it takes place and will enforce the brake torque (after the ABS event) gradually (time delayed), in order not to initiate a new ABS event.

- Low speed switch off integrated

No separate module but direct integration of the speedometer (tacho-graph) signal to provide the retarder switch off if the vehicle is not moving.

- Brake Cruise function -Under development

This will allow the driver to select any speed downhill and the electronics will control the retarder to maintain the speed and not let the vehicle inertia or weight overtake the selected velocity.

- Diagnostic on board

By simple activation the driver or mechanic is able to analyze the retarder function without taking it off the road. Makes trouble-shooting easy.

- Comfort factor

Programmable software ! Reduction of failure (less cables) therefore less installation time ! No more moving parts (like relay switch).


100% compatible with the vehicle CAN-BUS utilizing the SAE J1939 protocol and SW in an electronic level.

- Unify two modules in one

Installation time is considerable reduced due to fewer cables and connections are needed in the vehicle.

- Retarder temperature monitoring feature